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Rotogravure printing or basically gravure printing is a kind of intaglio printing process which uses a rotating printing press. It includes etching a picture/design onto a copper plated steel cylinder which is used as a base. The initial step is to make a cylinder with an engraved picture for each shading that makes up the structure.
Below are the steps of the rotogravure printing process we implement in Gravure Cils plants:


The significance of design has been a basic focus of our organization from the earliest days of 1980s. The designing department has assumed a significant role in our organization’s improvement and stand apart as one of the key pillars for rotogravure printing process.

Gravure Cils focuses on designing the projects and to attain the requirements using the latest software. We have an in-House design development team, which is equipped and trained on software such as Abode Photoshop, coral draw, Art pro free hand. Our qualified and experienced designers are best in the industry to meet customer’s expectation.

However, the company always aims at continual up-gradation and research for further development.


With the expansion of commercialization, the rotogravure printing press industry has also seen significant technical development. The process of rotogravure printing is more extensive and intensified to deliver the best service. The pre-press is considered as the initial stage which sets the platform for other phases. The term is basically used in the printing and publishing industries to indicate the processes and procedures that occur between the creation of print layout and final printing.

The pre-press procedure includes the manufacture of printing plate, image carrier or form ready for mounting on a printing press.

We have PC and MCA based workstations loaded with illustrators, Corel, Photoshop and latest Art pro and our qualified personnel enable excellent print management with speedy approvals at execution.


Prior to the key process of engraving for rotogravure printing, cylinder preparation is a very important step to secure the best and flawless production.

Gravure Cils has invested in multiple galvanolines with all the latest and automated features. Our staff is well-trained and can skillfully use the perfect machines and ensure a high standard of workmanship. Moreover, our staff is able to supply the best-plated rotogravure printing cylinders with a high degree of accuracy.


The copper-finishing procedure utilizes the MDC polish ace machine for ideal quality copper surface balance to limit resistance and get even gravure cylinders. The machine is a highly accurate and estimation point for rotogravure printing cylinders. The copper-finished cylinder then goes through a process of polishing and finishing to achieve the required size in preparation for engraving.

Our experienced and skilled staff is capable of delivering the best Finished cylinders with a high degree of accuracy.


Rotogravure engraving is a crucial phase in the manufacturing of products. The company is installed with a number of state of art electronic rotogravure engravers which provide the perfect outcome of ideal packaging, decor printing at the same time it uses specific filters for the board and foil printing.

A number of useful features like transcribe mode permits unprecedented linework quality and further enhance the working system.

The ability to engrave very deep at different angles and patterns makes this suitable for demanding line work and also for security applications and metallic inks.


The rotogravure printing cylinder surface is then chrome-plated in a chrome bath, which has the identical appearance to that of a copper bath and finished (polished) immediately after the rotogravure cylinder has been engraved for the long life of cylinders.


A contract proof serves the occasion of an agreement between the customers and the rotogravure printing cylinder manufacturers. The main goal of proofing is to serve as a tool for customer’s verification that the entire job is accurate and reliable. However, to the company’s best notion it is believed that the engraved cylinders are rolled for test printing where the proofing machines take care of the color as well as the accuracy of the design. The company-running on the motto of customer’s interest, ensure to use accurate color using standard inks on actual sub-state. The company has immense faith and trust on the dedication and passion of the professionals because we believe that” Quality comes not from inspection but from the improvement of the process”.


Quality assurance is an important aspect of every rotogravure printing company. It is a system intended to demonstrate to company leadership and to the public that the rotogravure printing cylinder or machine is up to standard quality.

Complying with the concept of quality assurance and considering the importance of it, our company has also equipped itself with a modern quality control laboratory and has assisted it with an experienced QC team- who ensures that we meet all technical specifications and hold the inspection during the manufacturing process to avoid every flaw from the beginning of the process until that final product delivery. The technical staff works in tandem to execute every phase of designing, assembling, testing and doing logistics.

We believe that with proper managerial support and co-operation the quality control program can be more effective and successful.


Proper packaging of rotogravure printing cylinders is done in lightweight fiber boxes for optimizing the air cargo. Delivery schedules at gravure Cils are strictly adhered to so that the flawless product reaches your doorstep on time every time.

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